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Setup & Performance


Broadband still not live

Should have gone live yesterday and as soon as I connect it comes up saying there is a connection error but there isn’t? Online on my account it says I’m waiting for my hub and to not install it yet even though I’ve had it a week now. Can’t wait to g...

No broadband

My now tv hub 2 box isn't connecting to the Internet, the power and wireless lights are in but not the Internet. I have checked my service online and it says I have a over due bill but when I go to pay it it says I have no bills!Ivery only had now tv...

Broadband is slow

Hi,I subscirbed recently and got my service up and running three days ago...Based on speed check I've done before sucbriing, I was told I'll get around 17mbpsOn my prevuous provider I was getting 12MBs which is just fine for me but now I am getting 5...

No broadband

New customer to now tv went line on 13 march still no broadband just told to wait. Not happy. If it doesn't get better than this will be switching as soon as. Rubbish service