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Setup & Performance


Connection Poor Beyond Belief

Connection for all my devices you my now tv broadband is so poor, not one has a good strong full connection. Everything runs slow including the tv box can't even load my guide. Box continually turns itself off an my internet light goes orange. Restar...

Resolved! now tv broadband?????

It says don't connect my kit until my phone and broadband goes live. I've not got a phone so HOW WILL I KNOW if its working unless I set it up?

Going live today but not BB

Hi guys it’s my go live day today 25/4 my phone line came on at around 10:30 -11am but my Broadband is still not working ( 19:08) I’m told it can be till midnight but I find it strange that the phone has been working most of the day but still no inte...

New customer 15-20mpbs download 0-1mpbs upload

Literally been with now tv for 24 hours upon engineer visit and installing wifi. Lovely 15-20mpbs download and 0-1mpbs upload. Rang/live chat 2131231213 times now, said they can't help and this upload speed is only normal? This upload speed is worst ...

Broadband not working

Hi, hoping somebody can help as I can't get through to Now on phone or live chat. I activated my new broadband and phone package on Wednesday last week. It worked fine for 2 1/2 days and then the broadband stopped working on Friday afternoon (phone s...

Router Location

Wondering if someone can help Joined Now Broadband and so far not impressed. My initial Enineer visit was 18/4. Engineer  (openreach) came but as there was no phone socket as it was cut off the engineer refused to install a new Socket as advised this...

Resolved! Does nowtv broadband have Static IP?

Hi I'm wondering if the top fibre package allows Static IP? I know there have been posts about this in the past but they was from 2 years ago saying "not at the moment" If not do you have any plans for static IP in the future? Thanks

NOW TV Hub Two Router & HTTP Server

Hi, I have recently switched to NOW TV broadband and want to get my hobby website up and running. I had it working for a few days with the NOW TV Hub Two router, but after changing a setting, I can't get it working again. This is what I have tried ma...