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How to find landline number?

Hi all,I'm trying to find out my landline number. Ive tried searching through my message history and there is nothing there. I've never actually used it as I rely on my mobile.Any ideas?Thanks

Paws by Advocate
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Landline restricted

Paid my now tv bill landline had been restricted despite paying the bill on the day the restriction on the telephone has not been lifted a week on getting told off staff of now tv the same thing everyday 24 hours, 48hours 72 hours loads of mixed mess...

Rach2 by Advocate
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Terrible customer service on chat

Just been on chat to ask why 4K is still not available and when will it be coming. Got disconnected 3 times and re-connected to different agent. Was then asked for all my account details despite my query having nothing to do with my account. So frust...

Upgrade 4k had

Like know when going up grade 4k now app on smart platform on smart tv you can’t keep selling NOW TV to customers if you’re not going to upgrade it to 4K on your platform on the smart TVs it’s about time you got off your little fat ###### and done so...

Sandra by Mentor
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Are we ever going to get 4K/UHD?

It's mid 2023 and NOW still don't have the Sky Sports UHD Channel... You would expect paying for a sports membership then paying for boost on top of it to at least get 4k at the absolute minimum so why haven't we got it?

NOW does not sync with any devices

Does anyone else have this issue, where NOW website  does not sync if you add anything on smart tv app, Roku app, and  laptop website, on the watchlist it only stays on whatever device you add on a program or film on the watchlist. this used to work,...

Broadband no connection

I have been a Now member for over a year, yet I am currently using my neighbours Internet as it never connected. This is such a poor service. I will be cancelling and using a different provider when I move

The ones that live

What absolute rubbish, the writing is so bad and it just drivels on and on and on!!! non stop. Why is this even on?   it does have really bad reviews, I can see why, it is so  so boring yawn!!! yawn!!! There is so many programs and films which are on...

User Profiles

(Apologies if this is in the wrong chat but it's not easy choosing one for this subject.) NOW TV is used by many families across the country and each family member has their own likes and dislikes. Currently there is no option for each family member ...

RAB78 by Mentor
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Bad layout design

Where have all the channels disappeared as it is easier to find anything, as this is such a bad design overall. When you type anything in the search nothing comes up, there are too many tiles taking up space for programs and films that are not even o...