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Updated home screen!

We’ve made a few improvements to our home screen on some devices, so you can get to the shows, movies and sport you love even faster. You can check out our new home screen on these devices:  PC/MacGames consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox)Smart TVs (see if you ...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Xbox 360 - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about Xbox 360 into this easy topic. UPDATE:  You can't reinstall the NOW TV app on Xbox 360 Please note that you can no longer download the NOW TV app on Xbox 360. So if you've already got NOW TV...

PlayStation 4 - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us into this handy guide on PS4   How do I create a NOW TV account to begin viewing on PS4?   [video]   How do I access NOW TV on PS4? Click here for a step by step guide to downloading NOW TV on PS4...

Xbox One - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about Xbox One into this easy topic.    How do I create a NOW TV account to begin viewing on Xbox One?    [video]   Get NOW TV on Xbox One A quick guide on how to add the NOW TV app to your Xbox O...

Resolved! Access denied

So my now tv is not working on my fire stick so I downloaded it on my playstation 5 and all I get is access denied with you don't have permission to access" On thus server does any one have a solution because I deleted ...

Wrong Password on Xbox

My email log in and password work correctly on my downstairs TV and laptop, but when I try to log in on Xbox S it states that details are incorrect. I know for a fact they are not incorrect when I input the details yet I still can not log into the xb...

matt9 by Advocate
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unable to load sign in error on PS4 console

I logged off my PS4 account to use Now on my laptop, i then logged out my laptop and attempted to log back on on my PS4 console and the error keeps coming up saying - Unable to load sign inCould anyone advise on how to fix this please?  Thanks

tiger by Newbie
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Resolved! VPN access restricted

For some reason, on our PlayStation 4, the Now TV app is saying ‘VPN Access Restricted’ but from my knowledge we are not using a VPN. I don’t even think PlayStation consoles can use a VPN so this is very confusing.Why does the app on the console thin...

Kazzaj53 by Advocate
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Hacked account

I can't watch my now tv because it's says someone else in runcorn is logged in I've signed out off all devices changed all passwords and still can't watch anything anyone help? I paying for something I can't use.

Ash2 by Advocate
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PS4 crashing app

Trying to use the now tv app via ps4 and it’s a nightmare. Keeps crashing multiple times when you’re trying to watch something. It says cannot connect to server but I don’t believe that’s a problem at my end as my internet is all running ok. It’s jus...

Xbox app not downloading

Trying to download Now tv app for Xbox and the Microsoft store claims I already have it and can open it in my apps. I have never downloaded it previously but because it thinks I have I cannot download it.

Xbox app

Hello.I’m having trouble with the Xbox app. When I try to get and download it in the store I get a message saying ”it looks like you already own this” and won’t let me proceed. I can’t see the app in my library and don’t think I have previously downl...

Callas by Advocate
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Device limit

Never had a problem before but recently I cannot watch now tv at the same time on two different devices. Usually I could watch something in my console while my mum watched something on her TV stick. But now, whenever I try to each something when she ...