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Resolved! Using other apps on Now stick without a pass?

Hi all.We have a Now (Roku) stick and a long standing Entertainment pass.Looking to suspend the Pass for a few months whilst there's not a lot to watch.Would we still be able to access the other streaming apps (Netflix, Prime, Disney+) with no pass? ...

MarkC by Advocate
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Error code 20024

Since Wednesday every time ive tried to use the Nowtv app it says somethings gone wrong (error 20024)Ive tried deleting cache and data and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still the same. Even restarted the phone

MarcS by Advocate
  • 11 replies
  • 7 thanks

Resolved! Apple TV 4K Captcha

I'm trying to sign in to my account on the Apple TV app, but after inputting my email address and password, it leads me to a captcha page saying "Please enter the characters in the box so we know you're a real person". There are no characters!!!!! It...

rika by Mentor
  • 8 replies
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Full Screen Menu Bar Won't disappear

I have the live tv stream working right now in full screen but the menu bar won't disappear showing what is on now and what is up next. How can I make this disappear while in full screen?

Resolved! Unexpected error. Apple iPhone and IPad

I am unable to sign into the Now tv app either on my iPhone or iPad yet I can on my Mac and fire stick. When I do try I get “unexpected error, please try again”. I then get an email saying that I’ve signed in, which I haven’t. Neither product has bee...

Karlos by Mentor
  • 6 replies
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I can't find my Sky Sports subscription or membership even though I have paid and the payment taking from Bank Account

Boronta by Newbie
  • 3 replies
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Error code 20001

Hi,I'm running now TV on a Galaxy Tab4 was working fine up until around 48 hrs ago,now constantly getting error code 20001 and won't run at all,I have messaged support and am assured they are working on it as quickly as possible .I have uninstalled t...

Hammer69 by Mentor
  • 21 replies
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