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Subscribed to Sky Sports via Virgin Media

I am subscribed to Sky Sports via Virgin Media, is it possible to watch Sky Sports on Now TV. Is there any other way I can watch sky sports on the TV, I’m only able to watch it on my phone and when asked for login details I use my virgin media ID.  


This coming week Peacock streaming service said UK residents can stream this movie via NOW? SEARCHING AND SEARCHING BUT CAN NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE ON THE APP?Can anyone help please? 

KS2 by Advocate
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Trouble with PS5 Now app

Hi,We keep getting an error message while we watch on the Now app on the PS5 - it just says 'there was an error' and shuts down the app.  It works okay after but then happens at least twice during a 40 minute episode so it's frustrating and disruptiv...

Error Messages

Whilst watching Now Tv I keep getting an error message which stops what I’m watching keeps popping up constantly cannot watch anything for more than 10 minutes very frustrating! 

Resolved! NowTV not working

What a joke NowTV is... ive not been able to watch cinema or entertainment which i had (up until now) subscriptions for due to an error code and contents not playing after 10 mins at a time... refused to refund me for the past 2/3 weeks i have not be...

PS5 error

CE-118377-7Is there a fix for this ever 10 mins when streaming anything. Been like this for over a week. Seems to be common but no answers. Please help?

Scott85 by Newbie
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Can’t log in on the app

Hi don’t know if anyone can help.i have just subscribed on NOW Tv £10 after subscribing I can’t even log in to the same app or Tv app with the same email. It keeps saying download Now app for your region? This doesn’t make sense.

Ebony28 by Advocate
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Issues with app not getting WiFi error code -1

I have the Now TV app on my TV, iPad and mobile. I can’t get anything to work while it’s connected to my wifi. As soon as I take my mobile off WiFi and use data I can connect. The app just won’t allow me to play anything while connected to wifi or si...

Mads123 by Newbie
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Resolved! 5.1 not working on Rocu Stick

Since latest update 5.1 no longer works via the app on the Rocu Stick, it still works on chromecast though.Appears to be a bug in the latest update 8.1 Mar 25, 2024

MCN by Scholar
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