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Setup & Performance


Frequent connectivity droppages - rebinding IP?

Hoping someone can assist - I'm no IT pro, and I can't get through to anyone on the NOW side via phone.For quite a while now, I've been suffering regular, brief connectivity drops. I've troubleshot this as far as I can. It's not my computer or device...

Romedial by Advocate
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Crackling phone line and slow broadband - again

I have a crackling phone line and slow broadband 13mbs. This has been reported twice, the first time they told me I have too many devices connected. I went through the exercise of disconnecting everything and testing but no improvement, reluctantly t...

Flers by Advocate
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Switching from Virgin Fibre Connection

I am currently a Virgin Fibre customer and due to price hikes I am looking at what other options are out there. I only have a fibre connection at my property, so I have a filter box that comes into my house and I connect to my router using a coaxial ...

MeganJ by Newbie
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Engineer Vist - Required or Not?

When I bought NOW broadband I was told that I did not need to be at home, and that it would all be set up remotely.My activation is set for tomorrow, and I've just received a text saying that an engineer will visit me between 8am and 1pm TOMORROW.  I...

PaulDV by Newbie
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Frequent Disconnection

Dear Now Team,I am having regular disconnection and bad performance on my network, please help to resolve on priority since I am working from home. Regards,Ramesh

No technician arrived

Good  morning, I need a bit of assistance. On the 29th September a technician was suppose to come and set up my broadband, nobody came. I took off work and waited the entire day. Not a phone call or message. Nothing!  I accessed my account and it ind...

Lin85 by Advocate
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Resolved! Is there a complaints email for broadband?

Hi, waited 2 weeks for an engineer, no idea if they ever turned up, zero communication. Day after activation date still had no internet. I call up and am initially told there is an issue in the area. I call up again later and they say they’ll book an...

My nowtv sports pass doesn’t work

I am on my app and it says I have no subscription but when I log in online it says it’s active. But the app doesn’t work and says error fetching passes or asks me to pay to sign up again.