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Charged when account is cancelled

Hello,  I cancelled my subscription to a TV package a couple of months ago and haven't used the service,This month (April) I have been charged twice it seems Once at £4.99 Once at £6.99When I look on my account online it states I have no subscription...

F345ed by Newbie
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Fed up of broadband

Absolutely fed up of contacting now as my internet activation date 23rd and I have gone 2 days without internet and no one on the phone is helpful and pretending not to hear me. It’s really stressful, they are not helping Any suggestions please

How Now Broadband are doing


RoyB by Legend
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My subscriptions and payment history have disappeared

Now TV app on smart TV stopped working, logged in on-line to see if any issues and both my Sports and Entertainment subscriptions have disappeared, even though paid up. I've also lost all of my payment history.It's as if they never existed but got pa...

MikeyD1 by Newbie
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