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Get advice on performance, set up issues & general troubleshooting for NOW Broadband

Content Issues

For missing episodes, sound issues, subtitles and content availability

Community Activity

Resolved! Change custom

Hello, there is a problem, I live at the address where the Internet is installed in my name, my son needs confirmation from the insurance company that he lives at the same address. Is it possible to re-register it in his name so that the Internet bil...

Wont play

The film genie won't play I've deleted the app and put back on but still won't play please help


HelloI moved in a new apartment and ordered an internet yesterday with call in your company, I typed my bank card, I told my address and connection was promised me 11.12.  But today I can’t find any information about my address, I don’t have any emai...

Cancelling membership

Hello team,I am trying to cancel my membership from the account section and it takes me through lot of steps but finally it keeps displaying there was an issue cancelling your membership. I have been trying for the last 30 min now. Can someone contac...

Suhu by Newbie
  • 2 replies
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Frequent Drop Outs

I have had broadband with NOW for 4 months and the internet regularly drops out - all my devices are unable to have access to internet when this happens. When it happens, there is no internet access for a few minutes, then it comes back by itself.The...

Roku Video lagging audio by 2s after update

Hi my Roku box updated the Now TV App today and since then the video is lagging the Audi by around 2s.  Have powered it on and off several times and reset the Broadband router, doesn't resolve the problem.  Does anyone have the same issue and any sug...

Andrew21 by Mentor
  • 29 replies
  • 11 thanks

Payments from 2022

I can't access payments from 2022 and I need these receipts for my taxes. Any idea how to get previous year's invoices?

JoeS by Newbie
  • 6 replies
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