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Get advice on performance, set up issues & genral troubleshooting for NOW Broadband

Content Issues

For missing epsidoes, sound issues, subtitles and content availability

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Resolved! Free trial devices

I’ve just purchased a £1 for 3 months cinema offer, which states that I can only watch on 1 device. However, I’d like to know if that means only 1 device at a time, so I can sign in and watch on 1 device (my iPad), and then sign out and into another ...

Sky booster

I'm trying to connect a sky booster to my now it goes green light and goes an orange and still works same thing keeps happening eny suggestiongs

Our broadband is slow

We have a strange problem with our broadband: The Internet periodically turns off and turns back on. We are very uncomfortable. We also restarted the router, but this did not give any results. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?

Olha by Advocate
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NOW TV hub two

I have just moved into a new flat where I have a TV and a NOW TV hub two box. im not sure if this means I can watch live TV from this and im not sure how I can find this out. I also am not sure with how to connect it to the TV so if anyone knows any ...

rebooting now box

when you have 2 accounts the now box only works on the first one the box has to be reset to connect to the second one

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