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I am PAYING to use NowTV and you STILL show adverts? What kind of company does this? If they're doing this to get more income because of not enough customers, this is totally the wrong way to go! I'll be cancelling and leaving bad reviews. Totally un...

Booster For Adds (Not Working)

Hi,I just have payed for the booster (6£), so that I could see everything without having adds all over the place and in the middle of content. But unfortunately they still appear every time I want to watch something, and it’s like almost 5min every t...

sansey by Newbie
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My bill is 44 is there anyway I can split that into 2 payment and get it switched back on please 

Lee01 by Newbie
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What is my new telephone number?

I have just recently signed up for Now tv & broadband, and my internet connection went live on 11 June.  However at no time have I received any notification of my new telephone number. I can't find it anywhere in my account details.  So how do I get ...

Susu by Advocate
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Resolved! Account consolidation

Over the past ten years, I have used three different personal email accounts to activate a Now membership, usually as a result of being on holiday and not having access to my account details.When I was on holiday last week, I activated a new Now memb...

starting speeds

just got off the phone with now, my speed is about 2.2 - 0 mbps minimum should be about 19+mbps average is 23- 33 mbps for my location and the average for super fiber is 60+mbps as we all know this is a magical number that you will only achieve if yo...

Auvers by Advocate
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