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Frequent connectivity droppages - rebinding IP?

Hoping someone can assist - I'm no IT pro, and I can't get through to anyone on the NOW side via phone.For quite a while now, I've been suffering regular, brief connectivity drops. I've troubleshot this as far as I can. It's not my computer or device...

Romedial by Advocate
  • 12 replies
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Why is the website/player such dogshit

The website and player each perform so badly for their own respective reasons. On a browser the search function is extremely finicky, often freaking out when you want to search for something forcing you to go through highly convoluted routes to find ...

Dunc by Advocate
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Resolved! Frequent Disconnection

Dear Now Team,I am having regular disconnection and bad performance on my network, please help to resolve on priority since I am working from home. Regards,Ramesh

Switching from Virgin Fibre Connection

I am currently a Virgin Fibre customer and due to price hikes I am looking at what other options are out there. I only have a fibre connection at my property, so I have a filter box that comes into my house and I connect to my router using a coaxial ...

MeganJ by Newbie
  • 5 replies
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New service working then there's a 'delay'

We were connected on the 23rd Sept after an engineer visit and all was well for about 48 hours - very impressed with the speed and stability of the connection.Then on 25th I get a text telling me there's a 'delay in connecting your new broadband serv...

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