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Get advice on performance, set up issues & genral troubleshooting for NOW Broadband

Content Issues

For missing epsidoes, sound issues, subtitles and content availability

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Trying to change / end contract

@ I had a notification in the summer, advising that my contract was coming to an end and I could either leave, change to a new 12 month subscription or go on a rolling contract at almost double the price (no thanks). I called and, after many attempts...

Polly by Newbie
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Now tv error

All of a sudden we are getting the circle of doom when trying to access e.g. football matches on Sky Sports. On android mobiles we eventually get “Viewing Stopped. Something’s gone wrong. If the problem persists, contact Online Support Team (error co...

Landline fault

This is so frustrating.  I cannot receive calls on my landline and I have been trying to contact Now Tv about this using my mobile phone and I can never get through.  I wait for over half an hour and then give up.  This eats into my phone credit.  Wh...

Connection keeps disconnecting

When I connect to the broadband, it keeps dropping out and disconnecting. I have split the wifi into 2 hubs - 2.4GHz and 5GHz to see if the connection was any better but the issue keeps persisting. Additionally, resetting the router, unplugging and p...

Redders by Advocate
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Resolved! Router box says brilliant broadband

Hi there,I signed up for the super fibre package in my new flat. Activation date isn’t until Tuesday 26th September. My router arrived today and the box says ‘brilliant broadband’ which I know is one of the other (cheaper and slower) packages. Do all...

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