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Left Sky sports some time ago due to cost. Received an offer to re-subscribe at £19.99 month for 6 months. I accepted. Next day i received an offer to subscribe for £14.99 a month for 6 months ??  Is it possible to cancel 1st offer and accept the 2nd...

Help!My Broadband Can't be enable

  I recently applied for Now's BroadBand, and it shows that my activation time is September 27th. However, it is already September 28th and I am unable to connect to the internet according to the instructions. I tried various methods but they didn't ...

Clef by Newbie
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Why have I been charged nearly £15 for changing my payment date to a date more managble for me 

Stacet by Newbie
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Broadband Order Cancelled Unexpectly

My broadband was due to go live on the 26th of September. Openreach told me they had completed the work successfully, although I have not been able to connect to the internet. I looked at 'my account' on the NowTV website to see what was up and was t...

JC2023 by Advocate
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Money being taken out of Paypal

I tried to sign up for NOW TV for one month to try it - there is a series we want to watch.  It took forever to do as the site just kept freezing.  Anyway, I wanted to try the Entertainment Package.I have just checked my Paypal account to see why the...

12345 by Newbie
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