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Get advice on performance, set up issues & genral troubleshooting for NOW Broadband

Content Issues

For missing epsidoes, sound issues, subtitles and content availability

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Resolved! Membership

Hi, why is it so hard for you guys to make a constant Monday-to-Friday customer service team available?  It is so hard to get to you guys. 

Remy by Mentor
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Help me

Mobile phone signal in the village I live in is terrible.I have tried phoning and keep getting cut off because it drops signal.my Broadband is working ok but I need the landline and that isn’t working. I need to book an engineer. Helpppp

Joanne by Mentor
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Resolved! Unexpected error. Apple iPhone and IPad

I am unable to sign into the Now tv app either on my iPhone or iPad yet I can on my Mac and fire stick. When I do try I get “unexpected error, please try again”. I then get an email saying that I’ve signed in, which I haven’t. Neither product has bee...

Karlos by Mentor
  • 6 replies
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disgusting service

Well ,unless my first post is hidden somewhere it looks as it has been deleted?I included in it my cancellation notice under ther 14 days cooling off period .I did so it can be seen by others as they will not acknowledge receiving it.I take it they h...

Japanese Grand Prix highlights

Hi,Is it just me or can anyone find the highlights or any part of the Japanese Grand Prix?? 2 days now and nothing.The time it takes to put these things on demand to watch back is so slow and kind of goes against the point of this service no?

Wifi connected device limit

I've been having more and more issues with the 2.4ghz wifi in my house recently and I can't figure out what's causing it.I have a NowTV Hub 2, does anyone know the maximum number of wifi clients it supports? I have been using Wi-Fi analyser on my pho...


I can't find my Sky Sports subscription or membership even though I have paid and the payment taking from Bank Account

Boronta by Newbie
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