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iPhone, iPod, and iPad - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about iOS into this quick and easy topic.   How to get NOW TV on iOS Follow these steps to get NOW Tv on iOS.   Error Messages on iOS A list of error messages and what to do if you receive them.  ...

Want to get pre-release builds first? - Join our Beta group!

Do you want to get the early release builds of the NOW TV iOS Application, before anyone else? Then join our Beta group, just follow these simple setups:   Send an email containing your NOW TV Login ID & iTunes email ID to, wi...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Error code 20024

Since Wednesday every time ive tried to use the Nowtv app it says somethings gone wrong (error 20024)Ive tried deleting cache and data and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still the same. Even restarted the phone

MarcS by Advocate
  • 10 replies
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Resolved! Unexpected error. Apple iPhone and IPad

I am unable to sign into the Now tv app either on my iPhone or iPad yet I can on my Mac and fire stick. When I do try I get “unexpected error, please try again”. I then get an email saying that I’ve signed in, which I haven’t. Neither product has bee...

Karlos by Mentor
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Error code 20001

Hi,I'm running now TV on a Galaxy Tab4 was working fine up until around 48 hrs ago,now constantly getting error code 20001 and won't run at all,I have messaged support and am assured they are working on it as quickly as possible .I have uninstalled t...

Hammer69 by Mentor
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Error Code 0 edd

Purchased day pass to watch cricket in August used Samsung S10+ Phone and connected to Panasonic TV with usb/ HDMI cable, watched no problem, did all set up on Phone.Just taken out 6 month membership sky sport through Now for £21/ month, did setup on...

Now tv error

All of a sudden we are getting the circle of doom when trying to access e.g. football matches on Sky Sports. On android mobiles we eventually get “Viewing Stopped. Something’s gone wrong. If the problem persists, contact Online Support Team (error co...

Annette1 by Advocate
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Resolved! Day pass

I purchased a day pass for the first game of the season with the offer of having 6 months mobile access (same offer as last year which worked perfectly).  I watched the game but unfortunately after this game my mobile access has been cut off.  I am t...

Chris12 by Advocate
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NowTV missing every other subtitle line on some shows

Some shows on NowTV have full subtitles no problem, such as The Last of Us.Other TV shows, such as Six Feet Under, are missing every other line. It’s really distracting. Subtitles are a must for me, and I can’t watch without them (I am hard of hearin...

MMA by Advocate
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App not working on android mobile

Hello all,Paid my £35 to watch the Ashes - but the app is not working on my android smartphone (Samsung s10). Tech support said it is a problem across all android devices and will be fixed soon, but mine still doesn't work.When I open the app i just ...

edhawk by Advocate
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Resolved! Turning off autoplay

The past couple of weeks autoplay has appeared on my tablet and phone, however, strangely, not yet on my roku stick.I have searched high and low but can’t seem to find anywhere to turn it off or if it can actually be turned off. I fell asleep with th...

Rachsm by Mentor
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