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Activity in Setup & Performance

orders and appointment: Engineer no shown

just signed contact for NOW boardband for 1 year and confirm engineer to install at 8am to 1pm on 28 Sep but engineer no shown without any notification.  I called customer service and they asked me to wait.  I have stayed at home for the whole day.  ...

First time set up- wrong wifi password

Hi! I received my new router a few days ago and waited till yesterday (my connection date) to plug it in, I then plugged it all in following the instructions, all three lights are green but when I try connecting using the password provided it says in...

Shauna by Advocate
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Now Broadband not going live for two weeks

Hello all,I'm located in Marston, Oxford and recently purchased a NOW Hub 2 which was due to go live on 25th Aug. The engineer came and installed the cables, but he said there's some remaining issue and another visit should take place within the next...

tkt1999 by Advocate
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Resolved! Account went live but no internet

I signed up and received my hub within good time. It stated on my order no engineer needed. My go live date was today. I got a call this morning from an open reach engineer saying they needed to access my property however I had not received any corre...

Beegee by Advocate
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I would be at work on the day of the installation and I may not pick calls during the scheduled installation time. NOW has informed me the engineer will call me before coming on the day. What will happen if I cannot pick the engineer's call if he cal...

Ay by Advocate
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Resolved! Incorrect password

Hi got broadband set up yesterday and everytime i try conect to wifi it says incorrect password 

Annr by Newbie
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Resolved! Can't change wifi password

Hello allI'm trying to change my wifi password. Can't seem to get past log in page on all possible usernames - my email log in one, my name without, my full name, my wireless name... What is my username!? Also, password ...

NevC by Advocate
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Resolved! Now TV HUB 2 very hot and drops all the time

We’ve had now TV broadband problems for the past 2 months now which the internet connection dropping from anywhere between 1 minute to hours at a time. 5 engineers have come out AND we’ve had a replacement router but it’s not solving the issue. Exter...