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Activity in Broadband

Accessibility team

Anyone know how long it takes for them to get back in touch being deaf and everything you’d of thought they’d have an online chat for broadband not just the tv services 臘‍

Broadband Account

We just moved into a house and one of the other tenants set up her account and payment for the Now TV Wi-fi. They have cancelled the Wi-fi plan and moved out so now I want to use my account with the Now TV Wi-fi however it says we need the details to...

Will2 by Newbie
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Why is the website/player such dogshit

The website and player each perform so badly for their own respective reasons. On a browser the search function is extremely finicky, often freaking out when you want to search for something forcing you to go through highly convoluted routes to find ...

Dunc by Advocate
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One device is saying "sign in required"

New to nowtv broadband.  My sons seems to be working fine and he can stream YouTube and stuff.  He is on a Windows 10 laptop.  I am on my Samsung note 4 with EE network and keep getting kicked off the broadband after less than a minute.  Your device ...

claire19 by Advocate
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Frequent Disconnection

Dear Now Team,I am having regular disconnection and bad performance on my network, please help to resolve on priority since I am working from home. Regards,Ramesh

Resolved! Outrage

We went out of broadband for more than a week now around Kilburn and I called the center. First time, they said it will be fixed under 48h hours, then second time under a week and now they don't know when. 

Cyril by Mentor
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Frequent connectivity droppages - rebinding IP?

Hoping someone can assist - I'm no IT pro, and I can't get through to anyone on the NOW side via phone.For quite a while now, I've been suffering regular, brief connectivity drops. I've troubleshot this as far as I can. It's not my computer or device...

Romedial by Advocate
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