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Setup & Performance


slow internet

My internet is incredibly slow.  I have turned the rooter off, disconnected everything and it is still really slow.  Apparently there are no service issues. 

Chorton by Newbie
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Sky booster

I'm trying to connect a sky booster to my now it goes green light and goes an orange and still works same thing keeps happening eny suggestiongs

NOW TV hub two

I have just moved into a new flat where I have a TV and a NOW TV hub two box. im not sure if this means I can watch live TV from this and im not sure how I can find this out. I also am not sure with how to connect it to the TV so if anyone knows any ...


Last weekend l had no internet and an engineer came on Tuesday to fix it and all was fine till today again no internet. So frustrating as this seems to become a regular occurrence with NOW

Kitsa by Advocate
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Delivery address for new broadband

I'm moving to new flat next week (27th) but want to get the ball rolling with getting broadband set up asap, i've gone all the way through the set up and it says an engineer doesn't need to come out and do anything which is good, there's availability...

Broadband is down out of hours

My internet has suddenly stopped working. All the three lights are green but no device can access any websites. I’ve turned the router off and on again twice and also tried resetting the router but still no router. Who am I supposed to contact out of...

Resolved! 2 Routers - how do I return

Hi all, the router sent out to me was lost by courier and NOW sent another one. I received both of them. How should I return / dispose of the second one? Thank you

Annie36 by Advocate
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Phone connected without internet

My TV can access internet. But now not my phone. It's connected without internet. Have not been able to do any tests or checks since installes as just says oops! Cant check my service.Is this the power of their internet Im paying for - 1 tv using wif...

TTAASS by Advocate
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Pulse Dialling?

Does anyone know if the phone lines used for NOW TV broadband support pulse dialling?I understand some providers in the UK still allow for pulse dialling (as opposed to the newer tone dialling) needed for older rotary phones. I was thinking of grabbi...