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Set top boxes & Smart TVs


FAQ - Set top boxes & Smart TVs

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about using the NOW TV app on Set top boxes & Smart TVs. Choose your device to see a list of FAQs: Apple TV LG Smart TV Chromecast YouView Roku

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Continuous login details

I have a subscription to Now Tv that works perfectly well on my living room TV - I just go to the Now App and begin watching. However, for my 2nd TV located in another room, I have to continually go through the time-consuming process of logging in, e...

Kfm3l1a by Newbie
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Pin number on samsung tv

I am new to NOW tv and have set up my samsung tv through the TV app. When I try to watch live tv, some channels ask for an age pin number. I went on line and set one up. I tried to use this number on my samsung but I get a message telling me it's not...

red1 by Advocate
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Now TV - Hub 2

Hi,I use an old Roku box for Now TV but have been given the Now TV Hub 2 & wanted to know if I can connect with my current broadband provider or do I have to have a Now TV broadband package in order to use it? Is it just a router as opposed to a tv b...

Crawfn by Newbie
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New EE Box

Got subscription with Now for Sports and Movies. Sports now on new EEbox, but Movies refusing to acknowledge subscription. Any ideas?

Cannot watch Sky Sports F1 GP

This is a recurring issue we have where Sky Sports F1 Grand Prix won’t play. Normally, we are able to get it working by closing and opening a few times but tonight, after watching half of it yesterday, we’re unable to continue watching the other half...

It is impossible to add Sports Extra Membership

This gormless, circuitous AI driven nonsensicle form-filling reply system  only offers what some person who's never used Now TV thinks you will love.I've been trying to add Sport Extra Membership; I go around in circles:  there's an offer for Sports ...

crl by Newbie
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What equipment do I get?

Hi.I am new to Now, just joined today actually, and am confused as to what equipment they supply.I know they send a hub (router), but how do I get the TV part of my broadband & TV package?Do they also send a TV box?I need some help please!

Susu by Advocate
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