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Activity in Set top boxes & Smart TVs

Chromecast - Again

Is there going to be a fix yet?This is what everyone is saying in a nutshell... NOWTV is very poor on Chromecast... even if you have gigabit fibre or as low as 18mb download speed (more probably lower) - NOWTV Requires a comfortable 12mb right?I can ...

Guide still horrible

This also applies to the Guide in the web interface.The Guide with Now and Next is horrible. Need I explain why? My set top box from 20 years ago (when it could literally sit on top of a TV-set), had a much better guide.There is no ability to see wha...

PatrikO by Advocate
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Now TV not remembering progress

Now TV never seems to accurately remember where you left off. Often it will start an episode from the beginning even if you stopped watching half way through.This seems to happen regardless of which app I use. Seems the same on iPad, smart TV and Rok...

App for Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV has apps available from every mainstream streaming service out there except for Now TV. Are there any plans for this to be available? A lot of people want this.


Getting the following error on Firestick. Google TV stick and on my mobile. I have rebooted router. Cleared data, cashed and u installed the app and re installed it SDK.LOADING_LIMIT.UNKNOWN_REASON.MAIN_CONTENT Can watch live TV but refuses to load a...

Doublee by Advocate
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