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Offers and Vouchers - Broadband


Broadband not working in bedroom

Broadband is virtually non existent upstairs. Never used to have this problem. Most times I lose connection altogether on my phone. Is there anything can be done to improve it? So frustrating and thinking of looking for new broadband supplier.

Jerry by Advocate
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Hiya can you tell me why my broadband has gone from 26 a month to 38 pound a month seems a lot of money just for broadband is this the cheapest bill option available or not as seems alot just for broadband 

Resolved! How to change broadband plan

Hi, my broadband plan was £23 per month unknown to me it went up two months ago to £46 how do I now change it to a more cheaper plan? I am a disabled single mother financially struggling is an understatement x

When can I get refund

Hi,I ordered the broadband on 13/November/2023 and then I cancelled the order,I called you I can get refund within 30 days,but it is 50 days now,so when can I get my refund?many thanks 

Fan by Newbie
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