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I was interested in their Broadband Package, which includes anytime calls, but I just cannot be bothered to hunt around trying to find the conditions on the anytime calls, indeed, if this is really included for free. I expect to see all the conditions upfront before it forces me to actually select an option to switch to NOWTV. I was forced down the switching option with absolutely no information on the calls package. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TELEPHONE NO. could I find to discuss this with them!!!

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No, calls are not free with Now.

If you follow the prompts from the sign up page you will get the various call package options. Now calls options 2024-04-09 144137.jpg

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Dead easy to get.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@LYNN777as per @Jayach calls are no longer included with broadband deals.

 Now broadband is relativly cheap, and as such there are a few cutbacks, some of which you have found , no doubt you are also aware that the router isnt known for its wifi prowess.

 If you are happy to sort out your own router and set it up then Now in my opinion is  reasonable deal .

 If landline calls are important to you then i would suggest moving your voice services ( porting your number) to a Voip provider and getting an adaptor to plug your phone into .

 If Now hadnt offered me a good deal, then i would have signed up with plusnet  (again)  who have deals/reward cards every so often via a site like top cashback with a full fbre deal, and then move my voice services to somone like voiphone for inclusive minutes or andrews and arnold for pay as you go voip+low monthly cost.

 moving voice services to a provider such as voiphone or andrews arnold would save money in the long term, both are cheaper than a bundled deal with the likes of BT/EE/Talk Talk/Sky/ etc.

 - note if you port your landline number to another provider ie Voip any broadband service on that number willl be stopped.

 my plan was/is to get full fibre with someone like plusnet and keep the Now connection live for a short while, the  once the full fibre (fttp) is running set up and port the landline number to voip, should that option work out cheaper than Now at any point in the future - sing cashback sites and promotions from any full fibbre ISP