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With the forums due to close by the end of today ( in theory) it looks like this is it , certainly been a different atmosphere on here than other ISP user/help forums that i have been on in the past with most people asking/struggling with the very ba...
It looks like Now Broadband of old is no moreNow was Known for its short term contracts ( with set up fee) or 12 month contracts, and now these are no more, Sky branding is being pushed to the front and it is nowNow Broadband Powered By Sky, with all...
Sky have started communicating to customers that the Sky Hub3, model ER115 is no longer supported by security updates and customers can request a free update. Interestingly, as Now often use Sky hand-me-downs this appears to be the same model as the ...
So first of all if you have Now broadband and phone there is no need to do anything until either Now stop providing the service or sometime around end of year 2024/early 2025 But if you want to sign up to Now Broadband and phone , from September you ...
Not so long ago, there was a useful resource for information, help and support this was the Now TV forums, now theres just some awful in navigable mess . Topics are hard, if not impossible to find, sub forums apear to be messed up and impossible to f...
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