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Activity in Set top boxes & Smart TVs

Resolved! Red button football bt tv

We used to be able to get red button/bonus stream games through the app on our YouView BT TV box but they’ve disappeared recently, does anyone have any ideas on what’s happening and if they’ll come back? 

Resolved! Can I watch Now TV Sports when in Norway

My subscription is registered in UK. I want to watch the Superbowl next weekend but I will be at an hotel in Norway. If they have a Smart TV that shows the NOW TV app will I be able to SIGN IN and watch the game?Please tell me if you can think of any...

PAshwell by Advocate
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Sorry, NOW is currently unavailable on ALL devices

The above message is displayed on all our smart TVs and fire sticks. All updates have been executed on devices and I’ve logged out of all devices. This has been an issue for at least 2 months so I’m cancelling. The help bot doesn’t help and there’s n...

MIN8 by Advocate
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Resolved! Now app

Hi does anyone know if the now app and disney plus app will be available on freesat box please

Sd3 by Advocate
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Resolved! Apps on You View Box

I can’t connect to any apps via my youview box.  When I select the app it starts to load then cuts out and goes back to the tv channel I was initially watching.  I have worked through all the troubleshooting instructions for both the youview box and ...

Resolved! Help! How do I watch NOW TV!?

I have just purchased a new Toshiba TV. I searched and found the NOW app but next to it was the writing, 'UNAVAILABLE' I went to the NOW helpdesk 3 times, all were useless and kept telling me to download it. I then bought an Amazon Firestick and the ...

Ross_man by Advocate
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