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Activity in Setup & Performance

orders and appointment: Engineer no shown

just signed contact for NOW boardband for 1 year and confirm engineer to install at 8am to 1pm on 28 Sep but engineer no shown without any notification.  I called customer service and they asked me to wait.  I have stayed at home for the whole day.  ...

No phone line.

Transferred over a few days ago BB+ calls.  Home phone didn't transfer over and got some other one.  NOW said it would take 24-48hrs to iron out.  Didn't happen.  Rang back and NOW said they would send Open Reach - call booked by them. And then last ...

Loss of internet broadband (PR2 area)

It has been two days since my connection has been lost and do not know when I will get back online. I am very disappointed and frustrated since I am working from home. They should have at least explained what the issue is and when will the issue be r...

Amin by Advocate
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Router does not work, performance is dreadful

My going live date was 2 days later than it was supposed to be, and over a month later the performance is dreadful.All three green lights are sometimes on, but invariably the wifi goes down as soon as I try to actually use the internet.In the rare in...

Scottjr by Advocate
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Resolved! Account went live but no internet

I signed up and received my hub within good time. It stated on my order no engineer needed. My go live date was today. I got a call this morning from an open reach engineer saying they needed to access my property however I had not received any corre...

Beegee by Advocate
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Engineer visit date

I booked the engineer visit on 25 Aug between 8 am to 1pm, and I received confirmation mail. However, different time is shown at Track my order page. It shows the engineer is going to visit on 25 Aug between 4pm to 9pm. Which is correct? If the later...

Cobb by Advocate
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Resolved! Now TV HUB 2 very hot and drops all the time

We’ve had now TV broadband problems for the past 2 months now which the internet connection dropping from anywhere between 1 minute to hours at a time. 5 engineers have come out AND we’ve had a replacement router but it’s not solving the issue. Exter...

Cannot make or receive calls from landline

My landline phone has stated "No Line" on the digital display for over 24 hours now, I cannot make outgoing calls, nor receive incoming calls, although when phoning my landline from another device it rings on that device but not on the land line. I h...

Slow speed

Our speed is very slow and only reached one that normal. Think we will swap providers as soon as our contract allows.

What is involved in a line installation visit?

Hi,I was about to place an order for NOW Broadband and got to a page asking me to pick a date for an engineer to visit to install a line. We already have a line that I had expected would be used so I'm a little concerned about what is going to be ins...

crispy by Newbie
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