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Activity in Setup & Performance

Can't open some Chinese websites

A few days ago, I can't open some Chinese websites, such as :,, etc but I can access it before via now tv broadband, and if I switch to 4G mobile, I can access it.  I tried to turn off all buddy settings...

No internet, no help so far from support team

Hi thereI'm on Now Hub 2 and my broadband went live on 9th of April and I still got no internet connection. Only two lights are showing out of three - power and wireless. I've been calling the customer support team and trying to resolve the issue wit...

danv by Mentor
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Resolved! Landline changing to digital

I have just been notified that my landline will be changed to digital.  The notification also states that (and I quote) 'If you don't have a mobile phone or live where there's a poor mobile signal, your telephone provider must offer you a solution to...

existing router/hub

Hey !how do I activate an existing NOW TV wireless hub ?the hub is powered up, phone line connected and my devices : PC and ifone can see theconnection and the password is accepted.I dont want a new router, just want to give NOW my CC details.

Pre order router before moving into appartment

Hi All,I move into an apartment on the 12th March. I need Broadband asap so am I able to sign up and receive my router and then once moved in connect it up? Would mean that the activation date would start from the order?It has a BT line currently int...

Newbie help - I need a telephone line installed.

I’m in process of getting set up with Now TV and advised they will ‘arrange a new phone?’ The address was previously with BT but that was disconnected 2 yrs ago. Recent redecorators also cut old cables. Unclear who Now TV have telephone contracts wit...

Broadband activation delayed since 18th Dec

Hi all,I'm posting my case here:1. Black Friday, I see the Now broadband offer and I decide to switch my services with them. I try to hire it and I get an error on the website and had to call the customer service. I asked the question if I would have...

Routing Issues

I have been having issues with routing, ping spikes and packet loss. This issue has made it impossible to connect to any of the services with Riot Games. From the tests we have performed on the broadband, we have concluded that the issues are related...

Jeanne by Advocate
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