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ITV hub

Hello, Can I sign into my itv hub account on my nowtv, I can’t seem to find that option?

Youtube app not working.

It was working perfectly - very fast. But overe the last couple of days all I get is a blank screen when I select it. All other apps seem fine.  (new Black box) Anyone else getting this ?  

ITV on laptop

Would anyone be able to help me, I’ve got a NOW TV box, which I bought a Entertainment Pass with, yesterday I was watching ITV catch up from the box onto my TV, but today I want to do the same but watch it via the laptop. Is this possible? I’ve had a...

Sky store movies not playing properly

I rented a movie through sky store a few days ago and at three different parts of the movie I had trouble of the screen going black and the nowtv box restarting then having to find where I left off and the only way to continue watching was to forward...

ITV keeps freezing

Please help! ITV keeps freezing on my now TV box all my other channels work, I've restart my box, I've followed instructions to update and I've even moved my box still doesn't work...... as anyone else had the same problem?

ITV Freezing

Whenever I try to watch something live on ITV on my Now tv box it freezes.Sometimes its just the images with sound running normally and then it almost fast forwards the images to catch up before freezing again.Other times the image and sound freezeIt...