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Slow speeds and dropping signal

We are having a lot of issues with our broadband. We have the hub 2 and the signal is extremely poor. We have a smart tv upstairs that struggles to connect to it and until tonight has been working fine but now it’s not connecting at all.
When I spoke to the help team they asked if the socket it was plugged into was the bt openreach socket which it isn’t however we have been round the house and it is the only phone socket here (we only moved in 2 months ago and until we switched from sky had no problems at all)
Any ideas on what the issue could be? Do you think a booster would help?
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Re: Slow speeds and dropping signal

@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. The original Hub had poor wifi performance but the Hub 2 is a far better performance and works very well in my house despite thick stone walls.


By BT Openreach socket I think the help team are asking you to plug the hub into the main 'master' socket rather than any internal extension sockets in the house. If you have only one phone socket that will be the 'master' socket (larger than extension sockets, often with a split plate on front and usually close to where the phone line enters the property). However it sounds like your issue is more to do with wireless performance than broadband speed.


Try rebooting the hub as by default this should make it choose the best wifi channel for your environment (unless you’ve previously chosen a specific wifi channel for it to use).


You might also need to experiment with placement of the hub, generally speaking you want it as central, as high up and as far away from electrical interference, metal obstructions and solid walls as possible, although it's often difficult to move the position of routers too much.



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