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Setup & Performance


Help! Broadband

Can someone please help. I opened an account yesterday for broadband as an interim solution whilst we wait for our usual suppliers lines to be fitted. It said the service would go live next week.I then had an email saying it wouldn’t be until the nex...

sky player and now tv player

joke this sky player dont work and now tv player dont work uninstalled now tv player and when i click on something to watch it doesnt propt me to download player so were do i get the thing


I'm desperate to get unlimited broadband but live in a park home. Would I be able to get fibre or am I stuck with mobile WiFi? I watch Now TV a lot but it eats through my data allowance

How to cancel and reapply for Broadband

Hi everyone,I have chosen the wrong Broadband package and placed an order. How can I cancel it and reorder the wanted BBpackage?When I have tried to check BB availability in my area there is information that NOWTV BB is not available in my area. Doed...

WiFi on phone but not tv or now TV box

My phone is registering WiFi, but my now tv box and smart tv aren’t recognising internet. Tv says it can find the local network but not the internet?! Anyone know how to fix? Have unplugged router and reset twice!!!