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Setup & Performance



my broadband was working fine up untill this morning. and it as now gone off and wont let anything connect to it. i have tryed to search for my status update and it till me i am still waiting for it to be set up. its been up and running for a week go...

New Broadband Connection.

Hello, I am about to move house and do not really want to keep my existing BT account. Can i just set up a new Now TV account without using the switching service. The new house has a telephone line. 

Buying Now broadband

I switched over to NOW TV Broadband earlier today. However, after switching (my start date was scheduled for April 25th), I was informed by BT that I would be liable to pay £320+ because I was still under contract. After phoning BT and being told tha...

activation delay

Hi, I'll post here because calling on the phone doesn't seem to be resolving any issue.I requested my broadband service two weeks ago and it was supposed to go online the 29 of March and today I still have my orange light on the modem. I paid through...

Virgin to Now porting landline number

I place my order for now fibre broadband last week, and opted to keep my landline number which I have had for decades.I rang Now broadband and they told me they won't be able to transfer my number because virgin use cable and Now uses the phone line....

New service error

HiI signed up via the website last night, after entering payment details it gave me an error.Iv had no confirmation email but 10p came out of my account..Please advise..

Broadband Activation

Hi, so my activation for broadband is due on Tuesday however I am currently on holiday. I called now tv to inform them I wouldn’t be there before I left and they said this would be fine as the engineer won’t need to enter the building. Now I have rec...