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Setup & Performance


Evening throttling of service

It seems like I'm being throttled in the evenings now. ping is increasing and download speeds dropping compared to daytime tests. Streaming services have to constantly buffer and have become unwatchable. I thought NowTv  said they didn't do that, or ...

Ben4444 by Mentor
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Very poor broadband buffering all the rime

Anyone else having an awful time with their broadband speed....ours just buffers all the time.  Computer speed very poor, watching TV awful.Also trying to get to speak to someone at Now isn't easy,  and when you go to their help not fo...

Angie11 by Advocate
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Awful Service

I have not used a forum before It would have been good to have read the comments similar to my own BEFORE I left B.T and their proposed 2 year slightly more expensive package for basic phoneline and Super Fibre Broadband than  the NOW one at 12 month...

Resolved! Hardware for wi-fi access point?

I am looking for a wi-fi gadget that will plug into wired ethernet and produce a w-fi signal enough to cover one room. I want to be able to manually switch it on and off and also to leave the NowTV router settings "Enable Wireless Access Point" untic...

johric by Scholar
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I have just signed up to "Now"  broadband and have immediately started to get warning messages of other devices (not my cell) in other parts of the UK logging in, can I change my password etc. Is this common, and are my login details being shared? I ...