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Setup & Performance


Internet CONSTANTLY dropping!

I work from home permanently and almost every single day my internet drops. I cannot survive without my job! There is no way to contact NowTV (I have a disability and am not able to make phone calls) and seemingly no way to fix the problem. I have be...

Poor broadband performance

Hello, I am having big issue with my Now TV connectivity - I can't rely on it when doing voice call and I often have my internet crashing.Anyway to improve the service? Thank you, M 

Setting up a Wavlink AC1200 router

Hi everyone I'd prefer to use my own router instead of the one provided by NOW. For some reason the router doesn't recognise it's connected to the socket and therefore receiving internet. I've tested the NOW box and that works fine. Any suggestions f...

'Grown up browsing time' - on / off does what?

Hi, This is day one with Now Broadband, and I must say it's been plain sailing so far. I'm setting parental controls to keep the nippers as safe as possible, but it's unclear if 'Grown up browing time' set to off means 18-rated sites are always viewa...

Resolved! Unable to connect to game server

HiI wonder if anyone can help.I sometimes play real racing 3 on my iPad or phone, for the last week or so I am unable to connect to the game server and am being told the I need an internet connection to do so. I thought at first the server was down b...

No dial tone but broadband okay

Hi there, we are currently without a landline, (no dial tone, engaged when people try to call) but fully working internet. This was reported yesterday and Openreach visited today they believe that there’s a problem with the internal wiring which I do...