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Internet absolutely rubbish

What a mistake moving over to Now. I have never experienced such bad internet in the 7 years I have lived here. I have great internet upstairs directly next to the modem but downstairs has been dropping in and out for weeks and the last two days nothing. I spoke to someone who checked my line and the modem and they are apparently fine. I was then sent fixing steps to go and plug modem into computer by Ethernet and change settings and un sync 5G and 2.5G and rename. I did that, had to log everything back in and still nothing, I then found advise on here to change another setting from Ethernet to super fast fibre which I did and it has worked to a degree, I have internet downstairs now but the connection is poor and my ring door bell is not picking up on much. Never with any other provider have I had such Crap internet, and why do I have to go and do all this technical stuff online, every other provider you just plug it in and it works! What a crock of ######! I’m so disappointed and will be calling again tomorrow, I’m sure that because my coverage is not what has been promised I cannot be forced to stay in this contract. Disappointed! And stressed because I work from home


@Anonymous User 


It’s fairly clear from the above that your problem is poor coverage of your property from the Now router, and not anything upstream.


Upstairs, are you getting the promised speeds?


But if so, I don’t think Now promise anything specific about the coverage you will get in your house, as houses vary so much. Is it possible to move your router at all? It should ideally be placed dead centre in your house.


Splitting the bands means that you can control which band devices connect to; 5Mhz is generally preferable to 2.4, but doesn’t have the same penetration; besides splitting the bands, have you ensured that your downstairs devices are on the 2.4Mhz band?


The 2.4Mhz band can be more crowded though, so I use an app called WiFi Analyzer (on Android only) to see which is the least crowded channel, and whether my router is auto-adapting to it, or one nearly as good. And if not, I can change it manually on the router.


But the Now router does not have a good reputation for strong WiFi at any distance from the router. And it’s hard to swap the router for a third-party one, and it won’t bridge to a third party one; so your options are a new broadband supplier who will supply a better router, if Now will release you on the grounds of non-performance, or a mesh system for better coverage.


Oh, and I wish I had a quid for everybody who has mentioned ‘working from home’. I have been doing that since long before COVID struck, and it needs a bit more than a domestic broadband provider like Now; 24/7 support and mobile backup if the fibre goes down for any reason. It costs a bit more than Now does, naturally.


But Now fits where it touches, and it’s sort of good enough mostly. Unless you have the sort of job like mine, where you can get called at 3am, and if you can’t fix things over the internet because it’s down, you have to get in your car and drive for an hour to the site, no excuses 😛

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.