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Setup & Performance


NowTV App Sound Drop Out on BT Box

Whilst watching NowTV via the app on my BT box the sound keeps dropping out which is infuriating. I can't find a solution to the problem - I've toggled between stereo and Surround Sound to no effect. It's the only app I use that's affected. Any ideas...

Resolved! Live Date Disappeared

Hi, my go live date for broadband was 20th November, this has now disappeared and just says "Sorry, we don't have your go live date yet. We'll let you know as we can", can I get an update please? Regards

Not HD quality at all

I have a new 4k HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision TV and a new roku streaming stick + for Now TV.  The roku system says I'm getting 96mbps and have upgraded to the Now boost.  I have tried watching Prodigal Son, The Unknowing and Billions and all of these wer...

Another post about port forwarding

Dear sirs,I have recently joined NOW TV broadband. I am trying to set up a server to play video games with a friend and I followed accurately the instructions described here (

FaceTime and Whatsapp video cutting out

Hi I hope someone can help me as I have not been able to get in touch with anybody at NowTV. Since last week or so, when I use FaceTime and Whatsapp video call on my phone on WiFi, I lose the picture (still have sounds) after about 6-7 minutes and th...

Resolved! Email blocking

Firstly NOWTV you are a nightmare ! Whatever happened to being able to talk to someone on the phone??ok so we have NOWTV broadband and my work email is blocked, I cannot receive or send emails from my work account. No problems at all with personal em...

Xbox Series S

Hello, Recently downloaded Now Tv onto the new Xbox Series S and nothing is loading. Keeping popping up when I go to click on a channel saying “Unable to load video”. I have tried uninstalling and re downloaded and doesn’t work. Tried signing out and...

wifi booster

I am looking to add a wifi booster to my Hub 2. tried my old sky booster but does not connect up.what is the best booster to get for the Hub 2 set up

Live Chat not working

Have been trying to contact help via Live Chat regarding repeated wifi drop-outs, but when I click on the "Chat online" box nothing happens.How do I get some help?