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Setup & Performance


now broadband and calls

Hi, I wanted to get Now Broadband but the offer comes with calls too. I wont be needing calls at all and actually may not be allowed to install a phone line because of my landlord. is it possible to request that a phone line is not set up before i bu...

Resolved! Ethernet and USB on the NOW Hub 2

Today I have been connected to NOW Broadband for first time, however the NOW Hub 2 doesn’t have a USB port which I need for our security camera system. I have tried an adapter using the ethernet port to USB connector but it is not recognising the cam...

Internet speed

Suddenly my internet connection went from 35 mbps to 2mbs from 25 october and still not fixed. tried the online solution still nothing. Postcode: W51AS

Changing modem/router, need my user and password

hi i wish to get rid of the now tv modem as its rubbish.  i have purchased a draytek modem with asus gaming router and need to find my username and password.  where can i get them from, no emails with it on received from now like my old plusnet servi...

Will landline work if router not plugged in

I’m in the process of switching my mother’s landline to NOW. She doesn’t use broadband but I’ve ordered a broadband package with free landline calls. I am not going to be there on the ‘go live’ date meaning the router will not be plugged in until som...

Resolved! Sky Hub still working

We switched from Sky to NowTV. Expected to lose service yesterday, and then switch over hubs. A day later, everything is still working as before on the Sky Hub. Is this normal or OK? Regs matt

DNS change on NOW Broadband Hub Two.

Hello I am trying to change the dns provider for my broadband service to have greater control over content restrictions. I am aware of the broadband buddy service and have used it until now but wanted to move to another option. I am aware that the dn...

Resolved! Chromecast

Ever since I swapped my broadband from EE to Now I've struggled to get my Chromecast working properly. I've got a Chromecast TV dongle, two audio dongles, three nest speakers and and LG speaker with Chromecast built in. Three of the devices work some...