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Setup & Performance


Still no internet after engineer visit

A engineer visited and installed nowtv hub at my property, and confirming that the broadband would work before the midnight. However, when I wake up this morning and test the line, nothing happens. The internet still cannot be accessed. The broadband...

No broadband

No broadband working in my area due to storm damage. How can I get an update on when this will be fixed? And surely I shouldn’t have to pay a full bill when I haven’t had any internet? 

First ten days

So I switched to NowTv for broadband on 17/02 and so getting towards the end of the 10 day settling down period, should I be worried that my speeds are varrying quite a bit and on the slow side?

Dangerous Telephone Pole

HiBT have left an old pole in my garden, nothing attached to itIt is now in danger of fallingI called Openreach about it but they will only deal with BB providerAnyone suggest how to contact the right person at NOW?

John3000 by Advocate
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