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Setup & Performance



I can not sign into my wifi as it says the WPA password might be incorrect, bit the password I'm using is definitely correct as I have memt devices already on this wifi, I want to connect my mobile phone and ps5 to the internet service I am paying fo...

No Internet - Hampshire

Hi, I live in the south of Hampshire and my internet has just gone off. I've tried re-adjusting my hardware setup and running a line status check which says everything is fine, however still no internet. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?Thank...

Broadband signal Issue

I live in a small 2 bedroom flat and can only get a WiFi signal in the lounge. How can I improve the reach to a signal in the other rooms?? 

Skye by Advocate
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cannot connect to internet everyday

Our new broadband always disconnected about 12 hours every day. It does not seem like problem in our house. Mostly, the net would drop when it was raining, even very small rain. And sometimes it dropped without rain, like today. We cannot connect to ...

No Internet

I live in London and have had no internet for 2 days. I called and they said there was an outage in the area, how do I check this and where can I receive updates. I have never had this problem before and have used nowtv for over 2 years.

Connection dropping often daily

I’ve had trouble with our connection dropping out for a few minutes at a time several times a day. We went through all the snow troubleshooting with no luck. The lights on the router stay green so there’s no inbound connection issues and we can still...

Making and recieving calls...

Is there a competent technician to look at my connection. I haven't been able to make or recieve calls for nearly a month. Your lines are unmanned. ( either by phone or email ) You are not meeting the requirement  of our  contract. I'm fed up of repe...