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Xbox One


Xbox code

Payments has gone out my account so when do I receive my £10 Xbox code


i have been billed 4 times in the last 2 weeks for my now tv account, 2 charges of £6.99 and 2 charges of £9.99. can you please explain why? ive just checked what passes i have and it says i have 2 passes one thats £6.99 on 1 thats £9.99 mark

Resolved! Now TV Not Working Xbox One

I have a Xbox one with full internet, I've just had a new bt home hub 5 fitted, everything else works but when I click on now tv I have a message come up with, Somethings not right.We can't seem to get started at the moment.Please check your connecti...

Catchup Option Frequently Replaced

On the XBox app, Catch Up is frequently replaced by other options such as weekend watch, or currently Winter is Coming. Catch Up is close to being the sole option I use and this is extremely frustrating.

Can't watch past the 9th Season

Hi, I'm using NOW TV on XBOX One - My wife has been happily watching her way through Grays Anatomy, but once she went to go onto Season 10 of 12, the UI refuses to let her past Season 9.  Ah ha! I thought, I'll just go on the PC, start watching it th...

Problem with the update

Just downloaded the app but when I try to open it for the first time it says it needs an update but always comes up with "there was a problem with the update" and can't get in to the app. Network connection is fine and all other apps are working. Any...

Somethings not right.

When i go click on the now tv app on my xbox it comes up saying ' we cant seem to get started at the moment. Please check your connection and try again' really annoying as i want to catch up on my programmes. 

Resolved! Xbox1 issue

Looking to load Now TV on my daughters xbox1 and have the Movie pass, and not showing all film options. Just the U type films. So believe this is related to the parental lock, but on other devise it lets you click into film and put code in, if OK to ...