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Anonymous User
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Catchup Option Frequently Replaced

On the XBox app, Catch Up is frequently replaced by other options such as weekend watch, or currently Winter is Coming. Catch Up is close to being the sole option I use and this is extremely frustrating.
Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User I don't have an XBox to check but with other devices catchup is further down the menu after the US, UK Boxsets and Most Popular. 

Personally I'd have it as one of the first entries, but I'm guessing NOW TV look at the performance of the order and realise that those who want catchup will keep scrolling to find it. 

Anonymous User
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No, the option is not moving, it is being replaced, regularly and consistently.
Community Administrator

Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for getting in touch - we appreciate the feedback!


We change the available collections often, but are aware on some devices - namely the Xbox One and Windows apps - this means certain collections are removed from the lists for a time.


We're working on improving the navigation, and this should be resolved in an upcoming update, but unfortunately it's not a quick fix. In the future, we aim to have all collections available for you.


In the meantime, we recommend adding any shows you're interested in to your Watchlist. This will keep them all in one handy place, and you'll be able to find them again when a new episode drops in! 🙂