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Xbox One


Now TV won't start on xbox one

Hi, I have an account with you, I have been trying to watch on my xbox one and it doesn't work, I keep getting the message "we can't seem to get started at the moment. Please check your connection and try again. Still stuck? Visit nowtv,com/help.I ha...

Cant pay for day pass Sky Sports

Im trying to by a day pass for sky sports through my Xbox one. I get to the Confirm Purchase page and when I click Pay Now a message comes up stating ' Give it a moment, or check I have given it a moment and I am still having the sa...

Some things not right

Keep getting this message when I open NOWTV, I read this on another post to clear system cache and I have tried that and I have also Un installed mt app then reinstalled it and the same problem. I don't feel it is right I pay for this app and I can't...

x box one wont load any now tv

Internet connection is fine. We have un installed. Working on tv downstairs in the house. wont let us open movies or entertainment.  


unable 2 watch on xbox1 as can't get tomicrosoft edge menu

sign up

Every time I try and sign up its saying I need to contact but it isn't giving me any sort of details to contact how do I contact customer support

Looping Image/Blank Green Screen

i am experiencing an issue with my Now TV App on my Xbox that, upon watching any movie or TV series, allows me to watch about 10 seconds before the image loops/jumps the same few frames. Then, after leaving the player, after returning, I am met with ...

xboxone issues???

anyone else having issues with the now tv app?? wont load up any programmes 

How do I cancel auto renew?

Hi I have followed instructions on how to cancel auto renew nut don't seem to get an option to accelerate at the side of the pass on screen. Is this because I'm using an iPad or Xbox one? Please let me know where I'm going wrong.

Now tv is crap keeps crashing on my x box and my fone

Missed the boxing last night missed the football today keeps saying i am logged into to many devices. A only got 2 how does that work. If a dont get a free voucher am off dont know why i pay it. Service is shocking picture is shocking as well