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Xbox One


Now tv keeps crashing on Xbox one

Cannot watch a full film keeps stopping and saying something not right preventing playback my internet working fine with all other apps tried uninstalling and then installing again really angry with this don't wanna pay for something I can't use can ...

cant log out of xbox one ?

hi there can anyone help me i cant log out of xbox one on the now tv app i have gone for the offer of £1 a month for three months but it wont let me watch the movies that i want many thanks martin100770

Now TV not playing on 2x Xbox One :/

I just bought the 3 months Entertainment Pass and when I load up the Now TV App, it doesn't play anything... my broadband is BT Infinity Fibre Optic and I've done a line test and my download speed is 41mpbs, and on the website it has suggested you ne...

App still pixelated and unwatchable

Hi,Since I started using the Now TV app on my Xbox One the picture has been pixelated and barely watchable on a regular basis. This doesn't happen with other streaming apps (Netflix and Amazon work just fine) and my broadband speed is 40mbs according...

Xbox one app performance - generally unwatchable

Constant buffering related quality degradation, audio drop out, stuttering, buffer pauses and spinning wheels. Seems to be worse for a month or so.Not related to hardware or connection - have 100m line, and Netflix, Amazon etc all play faultlessly in...

Resolved! Can't see Nowtv app on xbox one

I've just subscribed to Nowtv and have been trying to install the app on my xbox one but I can't find it. I have followed all the instructions and searched through all the apps but it doesn't seem to be there - does anyone have any suggestions??? All...

Error code on Xbox one of c00d7159

When I try and load a film in now TV app on my Xbox one it keeps saying "sorry but your TV is non-compliant (HDCP) so you are unauthorised to play out content" How do I sort this out cause I'm just wasting money for now TV

Can no longer sign in on the Xbox one app?

I used to be signed in and everything was working fine until about a week ago, I opened the app and wasn't signed in no more. Now when I try to log in it reads ' give it a moment, or check for updates'. But it works on my iPhone and ...

Error 10021

Having the same issues, i have 2 now tv boxes, one in each of the kids bedrooms and now tv app installed on my ps4. With both boxes unplugged, im still getting the message that my streaming limit has been reached?! Extremely frustrating!