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Xbox One


Recurring "Something's not right" - Broadchurch S1 Ep8

Have watched the previous seven episodes, can view season 2 and other programmes.  It seems that only Broadchurch S1 Ep 8 gives the "Something's not right". Have tried most things, restarting now TV, accessing the episode from a previous episodes cre...

Xbox One Free Week activation

I have used the xboxweek code to get the free week of Sky Sports on Xbox One, but was wondering if i have to activate this week or if i can wait a few weeks before doing so (Im an Everton fan so would prefer to wait until we have a match that is live...

xbox one help

I have tried to get nowtv to log on for 2 days and all I am getin is something not right.i have gave it a moment and checked the site.but still not fixed yet.any help would be great


How do i get the code for the xbox free week does any body know how to get it