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Xbox One


Xbox one app not working

I have enjoyed using the device on my xbox one for months now. I'm assuming that the issue must be at the service provider end reading your previous comment of change from wired to wireless connections (little more than turn it off and on again if we...

too many devices used

only just bought a season pass after 5-6months and it wont let me watch it on my xbox one says ive registered too many devices

Not working

Hi, I set up now to lastnight with an entertainment voucher and a movies voucher, all was working on my tv fine. This morning I have logged in using my Xbox one and all the options are padlocks and I have signed into my account, please help. Dave

cant watch on my xbox one

Just downloaded now t.v brought a day pass for sky sports gone to watch it and its saying i have to install/update microsoft silverlight gone to do that and its saying xbox one does not support downloading files

Resolved! How to make it full screen?

Watching NowTv on an Xbox One and half the screen is showing "TV an one guide" with an icon showing "full screen". But I cant see how i get to the full screen button using the controller, every button appears to want to change channel! Anyone tell me...

App won't install

Hey guys, App has been working fine until today. Uninstalled to fix it on the Xbox One, but it now reaches 100% before saying installation stopped. Other apps installing fine, just Now TV. Any ideas? cheers,Oli

Resolved! Unfair conditions for xboxfreeweek

As the title says. The conditions associated with the Xbox free week are unfair. As a long term NowTV customer I would like to take advantage of the Xbox free week offer however I am penalised as I currently have a live Sky Sports week pass that I pa...

Now tv...something is not right

Hi I have been unable to log into Nowtv for several days,I can log in from laptop, no problem.I get the error somethings not right, i have uninstalled, rebooted router, delted app, cold booted,What is going on here? 

Check service status

On my samsung and xbox 360 I'm getting the same message, app has been re installed on both platforms but without success, anyone got any ideas because I'm out of them, Regards andy