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Xbox One


Unable to view all movies on xbox one app

I signed up for the £3 for 3 months movie offer yesterday but when opening the app on the xbox one, only some movies are available, other tiles are grey with a padlock on them. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the app, logging in through edg...

No pin needed on Xbox one now tv app??

Hi As above, the now tv app on Xbox one seems to bypass my parental pin. I have an 18 pin on my account as my 16 yr old stepdaughter has a box in her bedroom on my account.This seems to be bypassed on the console as long as she sign in as me. This do...

Nowtv not working


Somethings not right.

A problem is preventing..And then tells us to exit or go back to nowt but then restarts the film again...And I've just bought now tv again today... So

Xbox One App update

Does anyone know when/if the app for xbox one will be updated? I think the interface is quite clunky, watching live tv is a chore. This was primarily why I bought a subscription and it would be nice if some kind of a "tv guide" was available. I don't...

how much data would a xbox one use for nowtv rough idea

Just asking on behalf of my brother who uses my nowtv service on his Xbox one to watch sky movies sometimes live sometimes on demand  how much data would it use on a persons broadband connection namely our mothers BT lol

Resolved! South Park S019EP1 not working (8004b897)

Hi,This episode is not working. Trying to watch it in the catch up section but it keeps telling me that a problem is preventing playback and quotes error code 8004b897...

Something's not right.

Every time I try going into the app on my Xbox it constantly comes up with the message " we can't seem to get started at the moment " but offers no help or assistance as to why. I have paid for the service for a week but haven't been able to use it f...

Xbox One - No feedback when CC expired

Hi Sky Team Just a quick note to say the XBox One UI doesn't give any clues if the user's credit card has failed. After failing to enter the PIN about 5 times, I went over the PC and tried there. That gave a sane error message. Can you please fix thi...

Resolved! Somethings not right. Nxoe

Hi,Updated xbox one tonight, I'm in preview programme, all games and apps work apart from now tv.Tried power cycling etc no joy just keep getting same error.I have just bought a 2nd xbox one but I've not even put in my now tv details onto that one ye...