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Xbox One


Something's not right Xbox one

Every time I try starting the now tv app on Xbox one it simply says 'something's not right'. I can see from this forum that lots of people have the same problem, but I can't see a solution. Virgin provide the Internet. Can someone please sort this ou...

Xbox one bundle: redeeming game activiation code

I recently bought an Xbox bundle for my son.  This came with an activation code for a game (Goat Simulator), redeemable on   I recently registered an account in order to redeem this using my activation code.  How do I do this? 

xbox1 error code c0262513

i cant work out what the problem is and not finding anything helpfull on here and also cant talk to anyone as in live help. i keep getting an error coming up saying "a problem is preventing playback please try again or visit code c0262...

Re: Pixelated video on resume

Any updates? I try to watch live and on demand but the image is so badly pixilated I cant watch anything for more than a minute or two before it causes a headache. I use the nowtv app on my xbox one. What can I do to sort this?

Resolved! X Box 1 Cannot play video

I have just downloaded the app onto my xbox1 and signed up yet when I try to play anything I get the message that microsoft edge does not support playback on this device???What the hell??Cheers.

Xbox one error

Now TV on xbox one not working was working fine then went back to dashboard went to open now TV again and all it says is undefined with an exit button which doesn't work when you click it

Something's not right error message xbox one

Hello, now TV has stopped working on our xbox one for no apparent reason. We get the 'something's not right' error message which your forums are full of. Please advise on how to fix. Please don't ask us to undertake mindless care taking exercises suc...

Somethings not right

Hi there, every time I load now TVs app on Xbox one it comes up somethings not right give it a moment or check the website for updates. I have tried resetting router clearing Xbox cache, uninstalling app, I am very disappointed that I cannot use this...

Entertainment pass

So i downloaded NOW TV on my xbox and then as directed went onto the website and set up a pass etc. Now on the website it shows that i have an entertainment pass but on the xbox it keeps telling me to buy one. It's definetly signed into the correct a...