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Setup & Performance


New landline number already in use

New user here! Signed up for Now broadband and got a landline number. Problem is that it’s already in use by a local business. Can’t find a way of talking to anyone about this.Any suggestions? Steve

Broadband Speed 30Mbps instead of 60Mbps

I'm subscribed to Super Fibre so should supposedly get 63 Mbps DS but I'm far off the mark with the 30 Mbps I'm actually getting. That is my laptop directly plugged into the router. I was quite surprised as I was always under the impression that my "...

TV firmware ?

Why after using my now TV app as normal is it telling me to update my TVS firmware ? Like what does that even mean ? It is saying hesd to but then giving me no information. I’m so confused please help 

How do you get decent service?

How do you actually get decent customer service from NOW TV? As a new customer joining them I would have expected them to want to resolve issues as soon as possible but that doesn't seem to be the case? Had an Openreach engineer round on the date my ...

Resolved! iOS Privacy Warning

My phone and iPad have been updated to iOS 15 for a few weeks now, but this week I’ve noticed that a “privacy warning” has appeared when I’m connected to my router telling me that “This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic”  Is this something I ...

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Resolved! Checker wont take my phone number

I'm trying to sign up for the Now Broadband and I want to keep my phone number. When I enter it in with my post code I keep getting. "Oops, it doesn’t look right. Please enter your home number again. Enter it here to be on your way." "The postcode an...

Line Activation Problem

 I have just moved from SSE/Openreach to Now. NowTV customer services insist my Now service isn't activated yet, so they won't discuss or investigate a problem. But it is (mostly) activated. It was activated on the date promised. I 'm connecting to B...

Broadband Go live date

I have an email confirming my broadband and calls go live date as the 16th November. It is not the 18th and it isn’t live yet I have called and checked online only to be told that my go live date is now the 22nd. I work for the nhs and need this as I...