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⚠️ Blue screen on your box / stick

We're aware of an issue where some customers are the screen flash blue for a short period on their box / stick. Our teams are working hard to get to the bottom of this.   To help our teams with the investigation can we ask you to reply to this topic ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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NOW TV Box Help (black)

We've compiled some of the top questions that you might ask about the new NOW TV Box.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   Introduction to the NOW TV Box   NOW TV Box Setup and Troubleshooting   NOW TV Box ...

Resolved! Adding a new device

I have bought a new tv and wish to watch Now Tv on it. I subscribe to Now tv already on another tv and also watch through a laptop.My new tv has Nowtv as an app. Clicking on this then lists what is possible to watch. If I click on this, it doesn't of...

More money

Who else thinks it’s a nightmare that you now have to pay extra 5 pound to view on a second device

Mandy1 by Advocate
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Similar pattern issue to what has been reported

I have an issue with my now tv on my PC, sports has a strange faint camo pattern in the background that ruins the quality. I havent seen anyone post a fix but multiple posts from over 2 years ago. Poor really for how much you pay. 

Now tv hot working on roku

Hi my now tv not loading or giving me the option to sign in on my roku device, but is working on me phone an my computer any ideas from any1 y this is thanks, says page unavailable tried reset unplugging the box every thing else works on it, nothing ...

Pluto tv

Loaded the Pluto app to the Now stick on my main tv, and it works fine with no problems, but on my other tv which uses a Now black box, although the app loads, it won't open. Is there a problem with it working on sticks but not on boxes. I have check...

Nowtv box takes an age to connect

Hello, I have a small black now tv box and when I turn it on it seems to take an age to connect to the Internet. I often have to restart it multiple times and the little white light on the box keeps flashing. Any suggestions how to get it to connect ...

No 5.1 Surround sound with Now TV Boost

I cannot get any Now content 5.1 surround sound to work on any Now tv content from the older black Now TV box.  It's driving me potty! I have :An active Now TV Boost with cinema, entertainment and sport  (through BT VIP)An older now tv black boxThe n...

Error 018

My electric run out when I put more on my now tv box won’t connect keeps saying error 018 speed slow did checks not getting internet connections. Anyone having this problem or know how to fix

Nowtv blank screen

I've had the nowtv stick nearly a year and when I first got it I had it in my tv when I moved and put it into a different tv but that is now broken so gone back to the other tv and it's just not working. When I rest it by pressing button on remote an...