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Activity in NOW Box


my now tv remote won’t work or pair even after adding new batteries ive tryed pairing it disconnecting cables everything nothing seems to work if anyone has anything that could help would be grateful thanku

john1 by Advocate
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Samsung universal remote function stopped working with Roku box.

I have a Roku box (4200SK model) and Samsung Smart TV.Recently the Roku logo disappeared from the source menu and at the same time the Roku box stopped responding to the Samsung remote commands. I have tried to get the Samsung remote universal capabi...

CT28 by Advocate
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Hey so I’ve had now tv for over a year now and from day one everytime I use Twitter remote then pop it down to watch an episode or movie by the time I go for it again it’s not working. The only way to get it working is to pop out the batteries and po...

Remote control works ok then only some commands recognised

I have a Now TV 4500sk box.  All was fine until recently when the unit kept randomly switching off. Unplugging the psu from the box and replacing it had no effect. Unplugging the psu from the mains and replacing it caused the box to power up and work...

Remote icon disappeared from app

I can no longer connect my phone to my now tv box via the app, the now tv icon doesn’t appear following the latest box update. I’ve updated the app to the latest version on my phone, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. ( It can still con...

Now tv box

Hello I’ve lost my now tv remote so I’ve downloaded the app to use that as a remote instead. The box isn’t connected to the same network as my phone though so I’m unable to connect them both together without a remote. today we realised there’s an Eth...

Resolved! Remote doesnt work after initial setup of box.

As the NowTV App no longer works on my Smart TV I have had to setup the NowTv Box I had No issues with setting up, connected to Wifi, updated etc. Remote was working just fine When it took me to the Home Screen the remote no longer does anything, the...

Lost Remote

Hi all, I've got a replacement remote on order but going to be a couple of weeks yet before it's delivered. I read on a previous post to download the ROKU remote app as a temporary fix. This is working perfectly however there's 3 nowtv boxes connecte...

Re: Sky Accessories?! For NOW TV

Ok, so I have had the worst customer experience ever and still no conclusion! Ordered a replacement NOW TV remote from the sky accessories ( website in December and it never arrived.Rang sky (as there is NO contact phone number or...