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Activity in NOW Box

System update

Hi, I’m trying to load an app from my Roku stick and it’s saying I need to do a system update with going to settings etc to carry this out. When I go to my settings there is no such option to select a system update. Online it says to scroll to the bo...

SD87 by Advocate
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Resolved! Set up my device

I want to know how to set up my now TV box.. I had it probably about three years ago but then stopped using it but now would like to use it. How do I set it up?

Green by Advocate
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Now tv will not reinstall on now tv box

I have bought a second now tv box from CEX and the now tv app says it will not reinstall. Can watch tv channels but not movies or entertainment   

Andyk by Advocate
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Now TV Hub Two won't see my Rako Bridge

Have just moved from BT to Now for broadband only. To run my Rako lighting from my phone app and to adjust the lighting events I need to connect to my Rako Bridge. But even when connected directly to the 'Now TV Hub Two' (as opposed to via the Netgea...

TomCS by Mentor
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No channels found

Might be a silly question but… After the strong winds last night we have lost all channels on our Now TV black box.when trying to search for the channels again it states ‘make sure your tv Ariel is properly connected to your now tv box.’ is this the ...

La by Advocate
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Engineer to install at a new address

Hiya, I have moved to a new address and need an engineer to come out to install my box. It would need a full set up as I don’t appear to have existing outlets etc. Thanks

Megan by Advocate
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Resolved! Removing devices and enabling a forced stop on devices

Hello all, I'm trying to enable a forced stop of all the devices on my account. There is somebody using a box on my account and it isn't a box which I have bought or it having been granted access to be used on my account by me. I was hacked just over...

Access on subscription end date

Hi I have just bought (26th Nov 23:00) a month subscription to sky sports. Therefore, it ends on the 26th Dec as I will be cancelling before then as I only want it for a month.  Question is, will I still be able to watch it all day on the 26th, or do...