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Activity in NOW Box

Resolved! Can watch nowtv

Hello for the past 2 days my now tv has been malfunctioning.  It either talks to shows pictures but not both. How do I fix it

Marques by Observer
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Static noise

My nowtv box (black) flicks and makes a static noise making it unwatchable. I have just got a new broadband provider with better strength as I thought that was what was causing it. I have tried the factory reset but that's made it worse. It's been up...

Dolby 5.1 with Sonos Beam via Samsung TV

Hi I have got myself a shiny new 4K Now TV box. I have it all set up and my account has boost. It is connected via HDMI to my Samsung smart TV, which is then connected via optical output to a Sonos Beam & surround speakers.  I get 5.1 audio when I us...

No sound, but only on one film!?

We have been the using NowTV box for months and are very happy. However, the sound has stopped working on my son’s favourite film (Monsters Inc). It works with all other movies, just not that particular one. It used to work on it, but not anymore. Th...

Poor sound quality... still an issue 3 years on!

I've looked on the forum and discovered Nowtv customers were experiencing problems with poor sound quality on various shows back in 2015... they were assured it was going to be addressed.Three years down the line and I'm watching Season 8 of Walking ...