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Activity in NOW Box

crooked morons but its easy enough to charge them

when i signed up i didnt want to become a NOW TV technician they cant afford my hourly rate but it seems that despite paying out for years as soon as there is a problem I have to fix it myself!! Images are lagging behind audio but there is no adivce ...

Resolved! Can watch nowtv

Hello for the past 2 days my now tv has been malfunctioning.  It either talks to shows pictures but not both. How do I fix it

Marques by Observer
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Constant Pixilated Picture! Beyond Annoying!

Help!this has been going on for weeks now but i can never be bothered to try sorting it out. My Now TV picture is constantly pixilated. I nearly always start watching something and it goes from bad to worse and I just give up!i have a tv and box upst...

Blue screen flashes

After the software update the blue screen flashes are getting so bad watching anything is pointless as the loss of picture blue screen flash gets so annoying that my subscription is being cancelled as this is not as advertised and not up to the stand...

Resolved! Youtube without sound

Hi, I’m having problems using Youtube on the Now TV box, every time I try to watch a video on Youtube, the screen goes blank and I can hear adverts before the video starts without any picture, if I try to press any directional button I get the pictur...

Screen flickering

I’m getting a green flicker on the picture now and again. I changed my HDMI cable but still happening. I saw a post about changing the setting from 1080 to 750 which I’ve done and did seem ok but has started to flicker again. 

Screen gets dark botches

Anyone seen this?Im watching the F1 GP from Spa (1st Sep), and gradually the screen gets darker and blotchy.If I hit back on the remote, the feed stops, then I re-select the channel the picture is perfect and after about 20 mins, its starts to gradua...

UncleZen by Scholar 2
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My5 (Channel 5) glitchy and crashes frequently

I've seen the problem before but it was a lot worse when I tried to watch a film (Churchill) on 10th August. Bad enough to make it unwatchable. Every few minutes the picture starts breaking up or freezes. Eventually the sound stops too. Sometimes I c...

Resolved! NOWTV HD

Hi    I have a black nowtv box with nowtv in blue on the front of the box, I pay the extra for hd but when I go to the entertainment and sky movies they haven't got the HD logo next to each channel, does this mean I won't be viewing those in hd and i...

Static noise

My nowtv box (black) flicks and makes a static noise making it unwatchable. I have just got a new broadband provider with better strength as I thought that was what was causing it. I have tried the factory reset but that's made it worse. It's been up...