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Activity in NOW Box

Keeps saying connection lost

Hello, when I'm trying to watch programmes or films through now tv and not the apps like Iplayer ect, it keeps saying connection lost, then it won't reconnect to the program or film.The connection is not lost as it works on other devices. How can I s...

Chloe10 by Advocate
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Resolved! MLB app

hi been watching mlb app for some time now with no issues went to watch it yesterday the app begins to start then nothing any ideas please

NowTV Won't Load

Hi, I've had issues for the last 24 hours watching NowTV on both my black box and Roku box. The home screen on the black box is just spinning circles and when I go to NowTV through my apps, it opens briefly and crashes on both players. I've done fact...

Resolved! YouTube app doesn't load

Hello,I have had this box for years and never once had a problem with an application. The issue I am having is when I try to open the YouTube app it goes to a screen of a sand timer and then goes back to the home screen. I tried the simple things lik...

Now tv box error

Hi there, Having issues with my 2 now tv black boxes. Can't afford internet at the moment so been using a bt wifi hotspot for a while now with no issues. 2 days ago both boxes now having issues connecting to the hotspot but other devices in the house...

Now tv black box is not

My now tv stuck picture tryed rebooting nothing working cannot go back to TV guide been like this for 2 days help please tryed everything that what was ask of me to do 

Streaming from Phone fine, Streaming from Box Problematic

I have Three home broadband and usually have a connection of around 25-30Mbps but have been experiencing a lot of issues streaming content with my NowTV Box. The box is connected via ethernet to a wireless mesh extender, which has a stable connection...

Resolved! Now TV app not working on back box

Hi there, for just over a week I have not been able to watch now TV on my black box. It tries to load then just closes and sends me back to the homepage. The homepage isn't loading either. I have reset the box by turning my router and box off then ba...