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NOW box not working

Hi All, looking for some assistance please 🙏🏼 I’ve had my NOW box for a while and lately it’s started dropping the internet connection so having read some articles on here, I carried out a factory reset. I now have another issue!! When I try to register the device and put the code on the screen into it says the code is not recognised. I’ve tried this with 3 different codes and I’ve turned the power off and left it off overnight but it still doesn’t work. I am now without TV so any help will be gratefully received 😊

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Hi @Anonymous User


I am assuming you are seeing the six digit activation code after you factory reset the box and not a QR scan code that you can skip and ignore.


I am also assuming you are based in the UK?


See if this direct link works which is the link for UK customers and not customers based in ROI.


The code from the television refreshes about 10 or 12 minutes from memory so make sure you enter the code which is case sensitive in the time period.


If there is any O or zero than try both.


If no luck try another Internet browser or another browser device or maybe your smartphone if it has Internet data on it just to enter the code from the above link. 

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Hi @schnapps 


Thank you very much for responding 😊


Yes to the 6 digit number/letter combination and being in the UK. I did make sure I was entering the code case sensitive and I was using my smart phone.  Given your comments, I’ll try using my laptop instead, see if that makes a difference 🤞🏼