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Setup & Performance


broadband speed

i have just done 3 different broadband speed checks all 3 where under 30mbps i was guaranteed a speed of 36mbps.I can not make contact with anyone at nowtv

Online Chat - unable to access

We are new to Now TV & Broadband and having great difficulty getting to talk to someone, anyone re a promised Sky sports voucher which has never materialised!I keep getting told to go on live chat and cannot access it. Have tried on my laptop and my ...

Slow Speed Portadown Area

ok so for 3 weeks i have constant internet speed issues for 3 weeks, please someone helpi have this now when i look at service checks INC0858847 - We're aware of an issue which is causing slower than normal broadband speed in PORTADOWN. It may have b...

Constant broadband problem since day 1

The internet is unusable, it keeps dropping to around 2mbs randomly through the day/evening and also disconnects. ping is also extremely slow, I moved from plusnet in January where I was getting a solid 38mbps with 0 issues during the 18 months I was...

Cables installed but line not activated

I had the openreach tech out today to install my phone line and broadband, however he said the line has been routed for the wrong pole, instead of it being routed to the pole in my back garden it has been routed for a pole 2 streets away. To be hones...

Broadband keeps disconnecting

Devices keep dropping the wireless connection and I can't stream anything or connect devices. I phoned the help line to find out what the issue is as per the diagnostic test. Automated response saying they are aware of some issues with Broadband and ...


Thanks to the people who offered help. I have no idea how to access your posts but thanks for the offers. Problem now solved

Issue signing in directly on TV

I can’t sign in to my account directly on the tv as I’m unable to type in the details using my remote control, which is strange.  I have a Samsung TV. Please can someone help? Thanks!