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Setup & Performance



I was meant to go live yesterday  but still no internet or light showing, can I have answers or help please 

Delay broadband go live date

I have signed up to Now broadband and been given a go live date of 18/05/22. I am currently with TalkTalk until 29/05/22. Is it possible to delay live date until then? It says at sign up Now takes care of the transfer but couldn’t see any option to c...

Baldrico by Advocate
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Resolved! Modem stops working preiodically

In the last few days I have found I lose the internet periodically. I have all 3 green lights lit up on the modem with no internet but the only way to get the internet back is to reset the modem.The internet vanishes from all devices, on both wifi an...

Cookies Settings

How/where do you change the Cookies Settings on NowTv (not the website). I have a stick. Cannot find it anywhere... Would appreciate more transparency and ease of access to settings.

Broadband throttled after first week

Hi all,  I set up with Now TV broadband a few weeks ago, it's the fastest fibre option.  For the first week the down/up speeds were good, however, since then the service has been really patchy, often I can't even stream Netflix (standard). I've noted...

NowTV HUB with TP-Link AV600

Hi, I want to hard wire to my TV and also provide better Wifi to the living room so purchased TP-Link TL-WPA4220 kit. I’ve had this a number of years ago with Virgin and it worked flawlessly, basically close plug and play. Today I’ve spent two hours ...

mjduk by Advocate
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NOW TV set up incorrect

Hi, I still haven’t received my NOW TV box yet and the engineer is coming in 2 days. It says there are no orders on my account! also, my account is stating that I’ve never paid a bill before even tho I paid the bill at the very start!!! can’t find a ...

Resolved! Recently Joined Intermittent Speed

Hello All, We've recently joined NOW Broadband, after moving due to a competitors pricing rising quite considerably. Whilst we love the price being charged, I'm noticing intermittent connection speeds and under the speed promised also. We are about 5...

Broadband speed

Hi I just want to physically speak to someone about my poor broadband. I’m paying for a service and I’m having to connect my TV’s to my phone because the internet is that slow. Does  anyone have any contact details please or email? Anything will help...