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Phone Confusion

We swapped to Now on Friday for phone, broadband and tv and ever since then our phone, instead of displaying the number of the person calling, just says outside number.  This is so annoying as my husband has just died and we don't want to be picking up all sorts of random calls - we understood the numbers would still be displayed so please can anyone advise as the chat box does not help but sends me round and round!

Also do now do the equivalent of sky shield at all?



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Sorry for your loss 😢


What you need is called ‘Caller Display’.


I think Now’s equivalent of Sky Shield is Broadband Buddy,


The Nowbot is famously unhelpful when you are trying to reach Now, though it has its uses when navigating the Help 🙁


Here is a link which will get you to a phone number on which you can call the Broadband Team and get help with both the above from a real live human being:-


(Now don’t like us publishing the number directly, lest streaming members call it. Which would be in vain, but clutters the place up).

Please note that I am just a customer like you, and my advice may well be worth no more than exactly what you paid for it.
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Sky have two separate shields:

Sky Broadband Shield | Sky Help | which is like Broadband buddy and

Sky Talk Shield help | Sky Help | which is absolutely brilliant and the one thing I miss since leaving Sky. Now does not have anything like it. (I think BT have something similar)

Edit: the phone number for Now broadband is here: How to make a complaint (